WonderWebWare File Splitter PRO 3.0
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WonderWebWare File Splitter PRO 3.0

Split large files into smaller ones of any size and join them back together
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Split large files into smaller ones of any size and join them back together. File Splitter Pro is a handy system utility designed to divide a big file into two or more parts, so that you can handle them much more easily. It allows you to split your files either automatically according to a given size, or manually at specific points. You can also join together text files or files of any other type.

With a modest and simple user interface, this program certainly is very easy to use. It offers access to its different functions through five well-identified tabs. "Auto-split on specified byte", the first tab, allows you to divide a large file into several equally-sized parts. You can select among several predefined key sizes, like 1,44 MB (for floppy disks), 650 and 700 MB (for CDs) and 800 and 900 MB (i.e., for a 1GB flash memory). However, you can type a custom size too and specify the unit - bytes, KB or MB. Moreover, you can also specify the output folder for the various parts.

The second tab is "Auto merge files" which allows you to carry out exactly the opposite task - join the parts together to obtain the original file again. You must select the first part file only, and the program will find and list the rest for you. It can also rebuild the original file name. However, it is very important to know that this tab allows you to join part files previously created using File Splitter Pro only. As for "Manual split point", the third tab, this can be used to split a big file at specific points. Nevertheless, this feature turns out to be especially useful for text files, as it can browse the file's content looking for specific text.

"Join (any files)", the next tab, allows you to join several files together in a specific order, regardless of the files' type or extension. You can add all the files you want to join, change their order, and establish an output file name and location, too. Finally, on the "Manual - Join (text files)" tab, you can add text files sequentially - you can insert the text of the new file either at the end of the current text on your screen or at the cursor position. When the text in all text files has been placed in the right position, you can finally save it as a new text file.

Indisputably, File Splitter Pro may be a very useful tool in many instances. And its price, at $14.95, is very affordable. There is also a free version of the program, but it does not include many of the functions of the Pro version. For example, it will not allow you to join files of different types or join text files manually, among others.

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  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to split large files either automatically or manually
  • Allows you to join any type of files together in a specific order
  • Lets you split and join large text files very easily
  • Very affordable price


  • None


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